Wednesday, July 18

So Geeked!

Chanel and That Jacket


Chanel and That Jacket

Claire Shaeffer / Claire Shaeffer

One of the most creative and fascinating couturiers in the twentieth century, Coco Chanel created a look that is still popular today. This 2-day Master Class will focus on Chanel’s iconic jacket and the Chanel-isms which make it distinctive: the fabrics, quilting, unique double buttonhole, decorative trims, chain weight, and 3-piece sleeve. Students will complete a variety of samples, decorative trim, and 3-piece sleeve.

I am so geeked. I was able to register for this class at the American Sewing Expo before it sold out. Claire Shaeffer is a nationally known expert (in some circles) whose expertise is in the tailoring of Chanel jackets.

Wednesday, October 12


My iPad is stuck in recovery mode. Apparently the Apple servers are overloaded with the IO5 upgrade.

Bad Blogger

I know - I'm a bad blogger

The things I do --

I'm working on a secret project for Christmas. It's not easy, but I am determined.

Go blue

Saturday, December 25

Tuesday, September 21

Ann Arbor City Council passes ordinance banning couches on porches

Can you tell we live in a college town?

Thursday, May 13

Day 8 - Nest Watch

I haven't seen Mama Robin since yesterday, and it has been raining all morning.

Wednesday, May 12

Day 7 - Nest Watch

I saw Mama looking down on her nest, like she was thinking "what the hey?", so I peeked. Three bright blue eggs.

How long do robin eggs take to incubate?