Wednesday, December 31

Fending Off Cabin Fever

Not long ago I learned about Smartflix. It is this great little site that rents instructional dvds. The subject matter is pretty broad: art, photography, welding, math, sewing, lutherie etc.

I guess it works a bit like Netflix - you rent a dvd and it is sent to you. You have a week to view it and return it in the prepaid mailer. If you sign up for a collection, called a University, you get three dvds at a time, and can keep them as long as you wish. A new one is sent for every one returned.

No long term commitment required, if you don't want one. The dvd selection is good and the process is easy. I like it.

I've even decided to try a shameless promotion. If you click on either the button below or in the sidebar and sign up, I'll get a commission. Heck, I might hit 2 figures. Have fun. How-To DVD Rental

Wednesday, December 24

Tuesday, November 11

Funny dog - prison break

Too funny - our beagle could climb, but not like this champ.

Thursday, October 23

Tuesday, October 21

A Lack of Evidence

I haven't been showing much evidence of a crafty life lately, but I've not have been totally inactive. I hope to have some proof of my productivity soon.

Saturday, August 30

My Dream

I want one of these -

- although, I'm not sure I can take up smoking.

Saturday, August 16

Bottle Shock preview

(Editor's note - I don't know what the deal is with Blogger. I tried to post this last week and it finally shows up today. In fact, three copies showed up.)

Nance, this is for you.

Thursday, August 14

Girl with an R2D2 Earring

This bit of silliness is from the website, and is my favorite entry in a contest calling for Star Wars art.

The other top entries can be seen here.

Thursday, July 10

I'm So Proud

My California niece, an aspiring movie costumer, helped out on Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. This is very cool - at least to that subset of geeky humanity known as the scifi fan.

Wednesday, July 9

They Don't Make Them...

... like they used to.

Here is the synopsis of a movie playing on Turner Classic Movies right now.

Everything's Ducky
066 TCM
Wed, Jul 9, 5:45p - 7:15p
Two sailors ( Mickey Rooney , Buddy Hackett ) end up orbiting Earth in a space capsule with a talking duck who knows top secrets.
1961 | NR | 90 mins | * * *

How did I ever miss this before?

Thursday, June 5

Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How

Hubbo has been out of the country for over a week now. We talk on Skype, and sometimes I even turn on the Skype video, to remind him what I look like. (We've been married 32 years now, but I don't want to take any reckless chances.) Anyway, this leaves me with lots of time for odd thoughts.

To myself, thought I, "Which of the classic questions - Who What Where When Why, and How - was my favorite?" And to myself, thought I, "'Why'!" "Why" is my favorite question. "How" is second. Everything else is just details.

When I watch the news, I want to know "why". When I hear of inhumanity, I want to know "why". When I see something gorgeous and heartbreaking and beautiful, I want to know "why". Why was this done, why was this created, why did they think that. Why?

If it's cool, I usually want to know "how", too.

What is your favorite question?

Friday, May 23

"Charlie Rose" by Samuel Becket

I love this video. It is beautifully absurd.

Saturday, May 3

Fashion Forward

Or not -

(Click on photo to go to Modern Mechanics)

Wednesday, April 9

Friday, April 4


I am a great aunt, as of yesterday. That sounds so old. I'm going to lie down a bit.

Sunday, March 30

The Last Cylon

You heard it here first -- The last Cylon is Bob Dylan. Think. The last four Cylons keep hearing "All Along the Watch Tower." Who wrote that? Bob Dylan.

You know I'm right.

Friday, March 28

March Goes Out Like a Lamb

White and Fluffy

Monday, March 24

Maybe I Should Work for Google

Nap pods at Google.
(Click picture for story.)

Saturday, March 22

On the Third Day of Spring

We were slammed.

It is pretty.

Monday, March 17

Spot On

This is a funny parody of the Cook's Illustrated writing style.

Wednesday, March 5

Paisley on Parade

I finished this top a couple of weeks ago. It is Vogue 7799.

Paisley on Parade

I used view C.

I'm pretty happy with it. It looks kind of dressy, requires no special care, and is as easy to wear as a t-shirt.

Saturday, March 1


Today is my first anniversary. No, it's not about the blog; that was last January 4. I have been retired for one year now.

What has this past year been like? Not like I thought it would be.

Not enough reading, not enough artsy stuff, no just hanging around. I just wasn't as prepared as I thought I was for really managing my own time. This year will be better.

Tuesday, February 26

Betsy and the Go Blue Moderne

It took me about 4 months, but I finished it. Last Saturday, I gave our niece, Betsy, the Go Blue Moderne baby blanket. This little item is based on the Moderne Baby Blanket, from Mason-Dixon Knitting.

I used Mission Falls 1824 cotton. Notice the subtle integration of the University of Michigan school colors. Go Blue!

Here is Betsy displaying the blanket. She is smiling, so she either likes the blanket, or thinks she has one crazy aunt.

Tuesday, February 5

I Love Mad Men

I love AMC's tv show Mad Men. Here is a prime example of the cigarette ads they had to stop making.

(Click the picture for the Modern Mechanix story)

Friday, February 1

We Ate There

We ate at the Brown Derby in L.A., back in the day. It was cool.

(Click on the photo to read about these places.)

Thursday, January 24

Faux Cruise

If you have seen the Tom Cruise Scientology videos, you may think this is funny.

Tuesday, January 22

All the Modern Conveniences - Camping Edition

I haven't decided whether I'm more amused or appalled by the idea of using this baby while camping. Anyway, click on the photo to read more at the fabulous Modern Mechanix site.

Friday, January 18

Same As It Ever Was

In a past life, I worked in an Intellectual Property legal office, so I sometimes find articles about patents, trademarks, and copyrights interesting. Here's a gem from 1930. Click the picture for the whole story.

Tuesday, January 15

The Supper

This amazing image is a quilt! For more information about the quilt and the dentist who made it, click the photo.

Saturday, January 5

Cool New Site - SciFi Edtion

I am having a good time with this new site devoted to all things SciFi. Did you know Keanu will play Klaatu in a remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still? I thought not. That is one totally unnecessary remake. (and I like Keanu.) The original is perfect.

Wednesday, January 2

Just Another Day in the New Year

We had a little snow on New Year's Day.

(Our House)

Time to fix dinner; we're having steak. It's about 2 degrees out now, so I started the grill a bit earlier than usual. Can you find the grill?