Saturday, December 25

Tuesday, September 21

Ann Arbor City Council passes ordinance banning couches on porches

Can you tell we live in a college town?

Thursday, May 13

Day 8 - Nest Watch

I haven't seen Mama Robin since yesterday, and it has been raining all morning.

Wednesday, May 12

Day 7 - Nest Watch

I saw Mama looking down on her nest, like she was thinking "what the hey?", so I peeked. Three bright blue eggs.

How long do robin eggs take to incubate?

Saturday, May 8

Day 3 - Nest Watch

A sneak peek at Mama Robin's eggs.

Colin held the extension mirror and I took the picture. It's very windy today and the tree is whipping around. Mama is sitting tight.

Friday, May 7

Robin Baby Moma

A robin took up residence in the tree outside my study window. There was one egg yesterday. Today the rain is coming down and mama is hunkered down.

The robin chicks watch begins.

Friday, March 19

My Really Big Tinker Toys

When I was a kid, I loved to play with Erector sets, Girders and Panels, Tinker toys, and even Lincoln Logs. As an adult, I have discovered the wonders of PVC pipe. I made this frame to cover with fabric to provide backgrounds for photos.

Pretty cool, huh?

Tuesday, March 2

Oops - What happened to February?

Pictures to follow.

Monday, January 4

Happy New Year!

OK, so no points for originality, but lots of points for sincerity.

The past few months have been blog-lite, so I'm going to try to be a bit chatty here. And more chatty about my crafty life. The sad thing is that, even though I've already sewn something (yay me), I've sent it off without taking a photo first. My bad. But I think the mystery item is so cute that I'm making one for myself. I'll post about that when it's ready.

In the meantime, here is a link to a story about an event I attended in college - The Day a Beatle Came to Town. I don't remember every act that performed (how could I not remember Stevie Wonder?) but I can report that it is possible to get a contact high.