Thursday, January 24

Faux Cruise

If you have seen the Tom Cruise Scientology videos, you may think this is funny.

Tuesday, January 22

All the Modern Conveniences - Camping Edition

I haven't decided whether I'm more amused or appalled by the idea of using this baby while camping. Anyway, click on the photo to read more at the fabulous Modern Mechanix site.

Friday, January 18

Same As It Ever Was

In a past life, I worked in an Intellectual Property legal office, so I sometimes find articles about patents, trademarks, and copyrights interesting. Here's a gem from 1930. Click the picture for the whole story.

Tuesday, January 15

The Supper

This amazing image is a quilt! For more information about the quilt and the dentist who made it, click the photo.

Saturday, January 5

Cool New Site - SciFi Edtion

I am having a good time with this new site devoted to all things SciFi. Did you know Keanu will play Klaatu in a remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still? I thought not. That is one totally unnecessary remake. (and I like Keanu.) The original is perfect.

Wednesday, January 2

Just Another Day in the New Year

We had a little snow on New Year's Day.

(Our House)

Time to fix dinner; we're having steak. It's about 2 degrees out now, so I started the grill a bit earlier than usual. Can you find the grill?