Thursday, March 29


I've been bad, and hang my head in shame. I bought 3 pieces of silk today, at my soon-to-be-closed Hancock. The silk will be used for blouses. Worse, I need to make one tonight, to wear tomorrow (we're going to a Red Wings game, with Hubbo's client.)

I'm using New Look pattern 6407, the long sleeve version.

Wish me luck.


Do you like the new photo of me? So very attractive. I'm modeling a hat I was making for Hubbo. It's done and he has even worn it a couple of times. Woo Hoo!

Wednesday, March 7

I am Retired

So far, so good. My biggest issue is whether to keep the cleaning service. I don't want to do anything rash, but I'm considering cutting back on the frequency. We'll see.

No sewing going on. All the stuff from my office is sitting on the ping-pong table -- my cutting table. I have been knitting, but no photos yet.

I leave you with -

"Still Life with Plaque"