Wednesday, January 24


I've got the DTs -- Deep Thoughts. Husband told me he thought I was very philosophical in my last entry, i.e., he didn't know what the hell I was talking about.

What ever.

Monday, January 22

New Way of Thinking

I need a new way of thinking. I always thought that all I needed was the time to work in my craft, or art, or whatever. And, with my upcoming retirement, I will have the time. But, to make this work, I have to change the way I think about my craft and my plan to explore new options; that these are worthy pursuits and as legitimate as my old job. It's simply that my future looks too good to be true. I know -- such a problem. But there it is.

Sunday, January 21

Tapestry Scarf

From 2007 Finished Objects Photos
Mom's Scarf

I made this for my mom, though she doesn't know it yet. (I have this problem with finishing gifts I tell the recipient about.)

The scarf is made with 2 balls of Rowan's Tapestry. It's a nice looking yarn, but I'm in no hurry to use it again. It is a bit split-ty. and it has this flying fiber problem that seems worse than KidSilk Haze. The pattern is a simple basketweave, bordered by garter stitch.

On to the next UFO project - socks.

Tuesday, January 16

Once More with Snow

From Now What? Photos

Gorgeous Day. Cold and clear. We have our power back and all is copacetic.

Ice Storm

From Now What? Photos

Pretty, but it knocked out our power. No power; no nuthin -- no heat, no light, no water.

Saturday, January 13


From Now What? Photos
Kureyon in some colorway.

My poor dismembered sweater. It was death by gauge. It was looking so cute; that is, until I put it on. But what with losing gauge about half way up, and the amazing stretchiness of the ribs, it was too big.

Now to decide what to do. The colors are pretty though.

My First FO for 2007

This is my first finished object for 2007, but, like many to follow, it was started last year. It's a mistake rib scarf, using 2 skeins of Manos in Michigan State colors.

From 2007 Finished Objects

Monday, January 8

A Big Day

I turned in my formal acceptance of the retirement offer. It also looks like my iPod and earphones were stolen. I feel crummy.

Sunday, January 7

Silence is ... Copyrightable?

I am (at least until March 1) an Intellectual Property worker bee at the BC (beloved company) and I love some of the weird things that come of IP law.

Saturday, January 6

To Be Clear

When I referred to my 'beloved' company, I meant it. It's in a world of hurt right now, but will come back.

Thursday, January 4


I have stage fright. This blank sheet is giving me the willies. Deep breath.


My beloved company has decided that it must do without me, and 9,999 of my colleagues. Now I have to decide what to do without it. I have a generous early retirement package, and a supportive husband, so I can do what I want. But what is that?

Sewing, knitting, beading, whatever - I have enough stuff to do it all, and without buying most supplies. So, here is my proposal for my retirement:

  1. Buy no yarn or fabric in January
  2. Buy no yarn or fabric "on spec."
  3. Buy no yarn or fabric because it is on sale.
  4. Buy no yarn or fabric because it's pretty.
  5. Buy no yarn or fabric because it's cool.
  6. Buy no yarn or fabric BECAUSE...
  7. Sew from stash
  8. Knit from stash

Can I do this? Watch this space.