Tuesday, August 7

Harry Potter and the Anti-Climax

Am I the only one finding HP7 heavy going?

I have a hard time reading it for more than 15 minutes before boredom sets in. Since I have a similar reaction to exercising on the ol' Nordic Trak, I thought that I should try combining the two activities. Surprise! I can go for about 30 minutes doing both. I guess my brain alternates different boredom receptors, making this possible.

Still Life with Harry Potter


  1. Funny, I use the Nordic Track when I read Harry Potter too (although my Nordic Track is truly more of a "still life."

  2. As an English teacher, I suppose at some point, I should break down and read at least one of the books that have become a phenomenon. But, it's simply not my genre. And, my issue is this: is there any transference among these young readers to any OTHER books? Or is it HARRY POTTER OR NOTHING?

    As far as a Nordic Track...oh, no. My idea of "exercise" is when I can't find the remote and I have to manually adjust channel or volume. Yikes.