Saturday, March 1


Today is my first anniversary. No, it's not about the blog; that was last January 4. I have been retired for one year now.

What has this past year been like? Not like I thought it would be.

Not enough reading, not enough artsy stuff, no just hanging around. I just wasn't as prepared as I thought I was for really managing my own time. This year will be better.


  1. No matter what you say, I am still frightfully jealous as I wait out my remaining 4-5 years until I join your ranks.

  2. P.S. Did you go see The Man in his Oscar-winning role yet? (most recent one, of course) I just did and he was incredible.

  3. I plan to, though that is no guarantee. I marveled at how soft and almost timid his voice sounded at the Oscars, compared to his TWBB voice.

  4. Nancy is seriously behind in her DDL movie viewing. A few years ago we rented Gangs of New York. I watched it, but Nancy was too tired, went to bed, and missed it.