Wednesday, December 31

Fending Off Cabin Fever

Not long ago I learned about Smartflix. It is this great little site that rents instructional dvds. The subject matter is pretty broad: art, photography, welding, math, sewing, lutherie etc.

I guess it works a bit like Netflix - you rent a dvd and it is sent to you. You have a week to view it and return it in the prepaid mailer. If you sign up for a collection, called a University, you get three dvds at a time, and can keep them as long as you wish. A new one is sent for every one returned.

No long term commitment required, if you don't want one. The dvd selection is good and the process is easy. I like it.

I've even decided to try a shameless promotion. If you click on either the button below or in the sidebar and sign up, I'll get a commission. Heck, I might hit 2 figures. Have fun. How-To DVD Rental

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