Monday, November 12

Day 12 - The Dream is Over

I have finished my shawl, Lace Dream - finally! This thing has taken 2.5 years. Did I mention it was a boring knit? It is pretty, though I'm not sure where I would wear it.

I blocked it pretty severely, using these large foam tiles from Lowes as a base.

(The colored tiles show through the cream shawl.)

The thing ended up being a foot longer than the pattern called for. I also used a lot less yarn - about 600 yds vs. 1150 yds in pattern. If I block it to the original dimensions, it would look poofier.

I usually knit pretty close to gauge without any trouble, but I think I would have had to go up 2 sizes from the recommended needle to use all the yarn called for.


  1. You could save it for a wedding gift. Is anyone you absolutely adore becoming a bride soon?

    But, if I worked THAT LONG on something THAT WORKY, I'd sure find a way to display it, I think.


  2. Thank you, ma'am. I don't adore any of my nieces to a degree sufficiently greater than the others to enable me to give it to one. I may have to get married again, to justify the time spent on this thing.