Wednesday, November 7

Day 7 - The Upside of Obsession

I'm usually pretty laid back, but I do have bouts of obsessive-compulsive behavior. Take today, for instance. Yesterday, I decided to clean and organize the basement workbench area. This doesn't sound like a big deal, but it hadn't been sorted out for the last 15 years. The bench was stacked with bags and boxes and loose screws, scattered nails, and assorted junk. I sorted, I tossed, and I put things away. The big piles become small piles. So far so good.

Day 2 - Little piles of stuff. I sort, I toss, and I put things away. The piles shrink by half, but don't go away. I sort, I toss, and I put things away, and the piles shrink by half and don't go away. Zeno's Paradox in action.

But, things will be in order; obsession must be served. Tomorrow, the workbench will be cleared and I will triumph!


  1. Did you go buy a bunch of little plastic boxes with little plastic drawers? This is obviously what you need a bunch of.

    Then, please come to NE Ohio and repeat.

  2. I love little plastic boxes, of which I had a bunch. I'm afraid that this was a once-in-a-lifetime event, as I seem to have exhausted my workbench cleaning mojo.