Sunday, November 4

Day 4 - Good times.

My boys, the Wolverines and the Lions, won their football games this weekend. Piece of cake. And now Mr. Brady has done his thing. Woot.

Good news for all the Mystery Science Theater fans out there. The original folks will be at it again. Check out The Cinematic Titanic for more info.

I know about the awesomeness that is Bollywood only from what I have read. But, here is video proof.

Finally - a little knitting content. I am determined to finish my shawl, Lace Dream, even though I had to tink the last 4 rows to fix a counting error. (One does not rip out Kidsilk Haze.) Right now, it is a crumpled mess, but I hope to post a picture of a beautifully blocked lace stole soon.


  1. I love MST3K. There are a few of the films they "narrated" that are now classics. Who can ever forget "Mitchell?" That one made me laugh so hard, I started crying. Literally.

  2. My nephews were big on "The Mole People." I always wanted MST3K to do Konga. I laughed 'til I hurt, and that was without the benefit of smarmy comments