Friday, November 2

Day 2 - Can I keep it up?

Happy All Souls day

Today was a good day, until I got a call from Hubbo. My poor Focus got up close and personal with another car. Ann Arbor recently installed some two lane traffic roundabouts. The roundabouts are generally a good idea, but take some getting used to. The young driver of the other car was easily confused and developed a blind spot that prevented her from seeing his car. The good thing about the roundabout is the low speed, so the subsequent crash was more of an aggressive snuggle along the left side of the car. The passenger door is pretty well pushed in, but the car seems to be drivable.

Sigh. We want to keep our zippy little Focus a few more years, but what with crashing deer and young, wayward Canadians (did I mention she was from Ontario?), the car may not be around for much longer.

Tomorrow - UM vs. MSU. Go Blue!

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  1. We have a 2003 Focus hatchback that is currently Sam, the 19 yr. old's car. He loves it. It's been very good and reliable.

    P.S.--"an aggressive snuggle"
    LOVE THAT!!!!