Wednesday, November 28

Day 28 - Rescue

I love cooking. I hate washing dishes.

Dawn Power Dissolver

This stuff gets the stuck-on stuff off. This stuff is my hero.


  1. My dear, dear Nancy--

    Hast thou heard of a newfangled machine called **dishwasher!?**

    1. Load in dirty dishes and cutlery.
    2. Press "on" button.
    3. Wait.
    4. Unload clean items.
    5. If some items are not completely clean, repeat as necessary, ad infinitum.

    No longer is it necessary to wash thine own dining and culinary implements. And stuff.

    Look into it.

  2. But the beauty of this stuff is that you can squirt it on the stuff you know won't come clean, and stick it in the dishwasher. Wallah.