Friday, November 30

Last Day - Bonus Track

OK, you Project Runway bloggers - what's with "conceding" that menswear is harder than womens wear. That is just wrong. And why does my spell-checker say "menswear" is one word and "womens wear" is two? that is just wrong, too.

Have you ever wondered who married the Marlboro Man? Go to "Confessions of a Pioneer Women" and find out.


  1. Menswear IS harder because you cannot get away with making a dress or a skirt. You HAVE to make a pant. That means you HAVE to put in a zipper and a crotch and a waistband and the pants HAVE to fit. They absolutely cannot be snug or spandex or forgiving. It is just harder.

    how can YOU not know that?

  2. Pshaw. Women have more curvy bits to fit, to say nothing of zipper, crotch, waistband, and a real need for fit. The designers are a just bunch of scaredy-cats.

    Their biggest handicap was Tiki and his fashion-challenged wife. What was SHE wearing?