Sunday, November 25

Day 25 - Heavy Slogging

Writing a blog post every day for a month is an interesting exercise, but tonight it is definitely heavy going.

I could write about a new play we saw today, with Hubbo's family - The Poetry of Pizza. OK, so the play had a few problems, but it was fun.

I could write about our Wii, and how much fun everyone had playing and watching, but I think I'll write about that later.

I could write about how the Washington. DC elite are discovering Costco, but do we need yet more evidence that DC is behind the times?

I could, but I won't.

1 comment:

  1. There is a Wii at the Dept., but I cannot play it. I lack, seriously, in the long-distance hand-eye coordination area. I can't even do cow racing, which is tragic. Guitar Hero is the current game of choice, and let me tell you in one word how very sick I am of it: MONUMENTALLY.