Friday, November 16

Day 16 - Medicare Morass

The Medicare program is a national disgrace. My mother's health insurance will no longer be provided directly as a retiree benefit. Instead, she gets a stipend to spend on a program of her own choice. (It's not great, but it is understandable.) So I've been reading through all the info that health care providers have sent her.

What was Washington thinking! One kind of plan, and you get drug coverage.... Oh wait, you get some drug coverage, up to the first $2400, or so. After that, you pay out-of-pocket until you reach $4000, or so. (Don't hold me to these numbers; the info is at my mom's.) Dental? Vision? Still working on that. The other types? I haven't figured those out yet.

And what do we hear on the news? The prescription coverage varies widely from plan to plan, and the plans can change every year. Just because someone has a good plan this year doesn't mean that it will be a good plan next year. Who elected Big Pharma to run Medicare, anyway?

What kind of government does this to 80-somethings? What happens to our seniors who don't have someone at their side? What? What? What!

I'm disgusted.

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  1. You and I both know the answer to your last question. So remember that when you vote in 2008.